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for your custom carved leather accessories.

A fine example of our leather smith DogFish Bob's work. ,                  Custom order i pad cover.

Handcrafted  Carved Leather, Customizing & Accessories. 
Pirate, Renaissance, Medieval, Viking, Cosplay :

Baldrics, Belts & Waist Cinchers.

Tankard & Drinking Horn Wraps & Holders, Tankoozi*.

Boarding Ax  Sheaths/hangers. Dirk, Knife & Sword holders, etc.

Flintlock Pistol Holsters,  Bracers, Gauntlets, Arm & Wrist Cuffs,

Skirt Hikes,

Versi Pouches*, Bags, holders & hangars of all kinds.

Wrapped Bottles & Flasks.
Biker accessories:

Leather armbands, Boot straps, Belts, Vest extenders, Key chains.

Old Skool quick draw knife sheaths, braided knife lanyards. 

Leather Koozi.

Hear Gloves & Hat bands.
Rocker, Gothic & Punk accessories : 

Leather wrist bands / Cuffs, Rockin leather gauntlets, etc.

For your pets : Custom leash & collar.
Leather Carving, stamping, studs, rivets, snap replacement, studs, etc.
Nickel plated conchos:  Many styles ;

Biker, Rockers, Pirate, SCA, Celtic, U.S. Armed Forces & First Responders.

* DogFish Leathers original special line.

Leather accessories custom made for you, our leather smith DogFish Bob can create beautiful, artful items with your imagination!

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